Freelance Review

Line Producer/Production Manager/Supervisor:

“The Last Harbor” – Entertainment Motion Ltd – Line Producer/UPM – 9/08-1/09
“The Women” – Inferno Productions/Picture House – Production Supervisor-Boston – 7/07-10/07
“Shuttle” – Moody St. Pictures/Pierce –Williams – Line Producer – 9/06-1/07
“Black Irish “ – Moody St. Pictures/Black Irish LLC – Line Producer – 5/05-7/05
“Hating Her” – Idiom Films – Production Supervisor– 1/03-3/03
“Widows” – ABC MOW – 2nd Unit-Production Supervisor- 6/00
"Fantasia 2000" –Walt Disney Pictures/Blue Sky/VIFX- Boston Segment /Prod. Supervisor. - 12/98


Production Manager/Supervisor:

“Design Squad” – WGBH –Production Manager – 6/06-8/06
“Kerry/Edwards Election Night 2004 – Group Incorporated – Prod. Coord./Wrap Producer- 10/4-1/5
“Hardball” – Moving Parts Inc/MSNBC – Production Supervisor-Documentary Unit-10-12/03
“Game Show In a Box” – Game Show Network/Digital Integration Group – Prod. Supervisor – 7/02
“Koinan” – Tokyo Broadcast Systems/Zazou Productions – Production Supervisor – 5/02-7/02
“The Monster Show” – Frederiksen Group – AD/Prod. Mngr. – 10/00-1/01
“Woodstock ‘99” – Experience: Hendrix –Show Finale – Assoc. Producer- 7/99
"Passions" - NBC/Northern Ent.- Opening Seg./Aerials-Camden, Me.-Prod. Supervisor - 5/99
"Hallo ,Onkel Doc." - Rhewes Film GMBH/SAT 1 - Boston Unit Production Manager./German TV series - 6/96-8/96
“1994 JVC Newport Jazz Festival - Festival Productions-Production Manager
"Cradle to Grave - Health Care in America" - Chainlink Productions - Robert Woods Johnson Foundation Production Supervisor/Seattle -5-7/91

Feature/Feature Documentary
Assistant Director:

“Louisa May Alcott” – WNET/Nancy Porter Productions-AMERICAN MASTERS- 1ST Asst, Director- 4-5/07
“The War That Made America” – WQED- Line Producer/1st AD-Additional Shooting – 3-4/05
“The War that Made America” – WQED Mini-Series – 1ST Asst. Director – 1/04-7/04
“Johnny Slade’s Greatest Hits” – JSLP – 1st AD – 11-12/03
"The Murder of Dr. Parkman" - Spy Pond Productions/American Experience – 1st Asst. Director -3/01
"Unsolved Mysteries" - Cosgrove-Meurer Productions - 14 episodes - 5/92-4/01- Asst. Director/Loc. Manager

Feature and Television
Location Manager and Scout:

"Friday Night Lights" -Episode 408-Location Manager-Northern Entertainment -10/09-11/09
"Furry Vengeance" - Summit Entertainment- Location Manager - 4/09 -9/09
“Surrogates” - Surrogates Productions Inc, Disney – Location Scout/Asst. Location Manager – 1/08-8/08
“Best Friend’s Girl”” – Still Single Productions – Location Scout – 6/07
“Nick at Nite” – Nickelodeon/Viacom- Location Manager – 9/04
“National Treasure”-Jerry Bruckheimer Productions/Declaration Prod/Disney-Location Scout- 6 &11/03
“America’s Most Wanted” – Location Scout – 8/03
“Miracles” - Touchstone Television – Loc. Manager/Boston – 8/02
“The Ring” – DreamWorks – Asst. Loc. Manager – 8-9/01 – Cancelled due to 9/11
“Boston Public” – David E. Kelley Productions – Asst. Dir/Loc. Mngr – 3/00 +9/00
“Sabrina-The Teenage Witch” –Viacom Productions-Location Manager-8/00
"The Love Letter" - DreamWorks LLC-Location Manager - 6/98-10/98
"A Civil Action" - Orphans & Dogs Productions/Disney - Location Consultant - 6/97-8/97
“The Proposition" - Interscope Communications Inc. - Location Manager - 8/96-1/97
"The Crucible" - 20th Century Fox - Location Scout - 3/95
"Oleanna" - Bay Kinescope/Samuel Goldwyn Co. - Location Consultant - 3-4/94
"Malice" - Castle Rock Pictures -Re-shoot/Boston - Location Manager - 4-5/93
"The Good Son" - 20th Century Fox - Location Scout- 8-11/92
“Dreamworker" - MRB Group, Inc/MOW - Boston Location Manager/Prod. Coord. - 7/91
"First Love, Second Chance" -3–4/90 Location Manager/Little Italy Productions, Inc./ReteItalia (RAI) spa.
"Against The Law" - Lemon Sky Productions/20th Century Fox TV - Location Scout-10/90
"Once Around" Cinecom/ Double Play Productions - Universal Pictures Boston Unit Location Coordinator - 11/89 - 4/90

Commercials and Industrials
Line-Producer — Production Manager:

Assembly Films, Atlantic Motion Pictures, Backyard Productions, Barking Weasal, Big Picture Communications, Brentwood Pictures, BT Productions, Campos Creative Works, Cavanaugh & Co., Chambers & Assoc., Colleli Productions, Commercials-While-U-Wait, Cool Fire Group, Complete Pictures, Clock Wise Productions, Crossroads Films, Editel/Boston/D.I. Group, D. Millington Prod, Evans/McNamara, Experience Hendrix, L.L. C./MCA Records, Film Syndicate, Geovision, Gigantic Entertainment, GMS, Headquarters, Harmony Pictures/ Melody Films, HBO Productions, Bill Hudson & Associates, Industrial Light & Magic Commercial Productions, Jack My Dog Productions, Jay Advertising, Johns & Gorman Films, Katsu Enterprises, Kohl-Lindsey Entertainment, Laguens, Hamburger & Stone, Lopes Picture Co., Luna Park, McWaters & Associates, National Video, NFL Films, NBA Entertainment, NDR-RD Films, Nocturnal Films, Office Kei, PalomarPictures, Pelorus Pictures, Pictures In A Row, Propaganda /Satellite Films, R.Greenberg & Assoc., Ritts-Hayden, Rock House, Scanline Communications, Spellbound Productions, Seed Communications, Steam Films, Supply & Demand, Thinkfilm Inc., The Artists Company, 34 Degrees North, Tri-Film Productions, Videe GMBH, Wave Films

Assistant Director

American Pictures, C-1 Productionnes, Creativeworks, Dark Light Pictures, Editel/ Film Realite, Evans/McNamara, Heliotrope Studios, Ltd., Iris Films, Kurland Associates, Leawood Productions, Paine Associates, Parallax Productions, Overplus Productions, Frederiksen Group, Tate and Partners, Sean Tracey & Associates, Strand Pictures, Target Productions, Underground Ltd., Unsolved Mysteries (6 episodes), Videocraft Productions, Vizwiz, Inc., VP Film & Tape Productions, Waverly Motion Pictures LLC, Whiterwater Productions, WQED

Location Manager and Scout

Apple Box Productions, Applied Learning (Spectrum/ITS), Aydelott & Associates, Berkofsky & Barrett, Bedford Falls, Bianchi Films, Boston Productions, Boxer Films, Carsey/Werner Productions, Cavanaugh & Co, Chambers & Associates, Chelsea Pictures, Cherry, Mellon, & Ibbetson, Clockwork 9:06, Colelli Productions, Dektor/Higgins, Editel/Boston, Electric Ave Films, Elle Magazine, Epoch Films, Ennis, Inc., Form, Full-Moon Films, Richard Getz Productions, GMS, Gibson, Lefebvre, & Gartner, Angie Gordon & Associates, Harmony/Melody, HLA, Steve Horn Productions, Bill Hudson & Associates(The Artists Co.), Carol Kaplan Studios, Tony Kaye Films, Kirk Documentary Group, Leawood Productions, Lotus, Mambo Films, Marlis-Seeff Productions, Mclean Productions, Larry Miller Productions, Mighty Oak Productions, Palomar Pictures, Park Pictures, Pelorus Pictures, Inc., Perutti Productions, Pytka, Red Tree Productions, Peter Rice Photography, Scanline Communications, Sean Tracey & Associates, September Productions, Storyville Pictures 7th Wave Photographic, Spectrum Productions, Spots Films, The Spotwise Agency, Strato Films, Teleproductions East, Jim Thomas Photography, Travisano-DiGiacomo Films, Turtlerock Productions, Videocraft, Vizwiz Inc., Guido Vitti Photography,Vogue-Wright, Whitewater Productions, X-Ray Films.

Rock Videos

Pat Metheny, John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band, Morphine, Walter Beasley for Kurland Associates, Mighty, Mighty Bosstones, Scorched Earth Productions, Time-Shift Video., X-Ray Films-Gin Blossoms


Arnold Communications, Cole & Weber, D'Arcy-Masius-Benton & Bowles -DDB & Needham, Duffy & Shanley, Envision Group, Grey Advertising, Hal Riney & Partners -Gearon, Hoffman, Conlan & Nye-HHCC - Houston, Effler, & Partners, Ingalls,Quinn & Johnson -Jacobs & Gerber -Levine-Huntly-Schmidt & Beaver, McCann-Erikson, Mintz & Hoke, N.W. Ayer - Pagano, Schenck, and Kay -Rizzo, Simmons & Cohn, Smash Advertising, Wallwork & Curry, Young and Rubicam.


ABC, Alamo, AT&T, Bank of Boston, Baybanks, Budweiser, Buick, Burberrys, CBS Morning News, CVS, Citizen’s Bank, Converse, Diet Coke, Digital, Exxon, Federal Express, Fleet Bank, Ford Motor Company, Geritol, Houghton-Mifflin, IBM, Lincoln-Mercury, Looking Glass Technologies, Lotus, Louis Rich Turkey, J.C. Penney, Massachusett’s State Lottery, Microsoft, Miller-Lite, Milton's, Mizuno, N.E. Telephone/NYNEX, National Amusements, Neighborhood Health Plan, New Hampshire BC/BS, Northeast Utilities, NE Volkswagen Dealers, Polygram Records, Providence Journal Bulletin, RCA, Spiegel, Super 8 Motels, Subaru, Tide, The New England, Toyota,Tri-State Lottery, United States Postal Service, Upjohn-Duphar, Upper Deck Cards, Wall St. Journal, Warner Communications, WCVB-TV, Westin Hotels,WLVI-TV.


1000 files in digital location library - 1000 files in hard copy library.